Step 3 Focus

How many different business opportunities, get rich quick schemes, downline clubs, affiliate and associate programs and numerous related articles including this one have you looked at?


"The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence."
If you are always on the lookout for a better opportunity from the word go, you have failed already. Focus is about setting your goal, write it down, then focus on that goal. Choose your path and stick to it, select your opportunity and make it succeed.

Follow the Internetwork Marketing System™ from start to finish and keep repeating...

1. Define your goal - i.e. success
2. Select Path (Method)
3. Select Opportunity
4. Sell product & build downline (sign-ups) by promotion
5. Earn Money
6. Develop sign-ups to follow the system
7. Earn more money
8. Repeat from Step 4...

The things that hold this all together are firstly focus that we have mentioned but also development which should be practically automated by your front end system. You must focus your efforts onto your core business opportunity by promoting the front end system for it. It may take a long time to reach a senior level in an opportunity, but it speeds up after that. The key to a good Front End System is in fact the back end support systems it links into. People only fail in network marketing when they don't receive the right level of support (and this includes picking the wrong product!)

If you keep jumping around between opportunities or take on too much at once you will never fulfill your potential. So focus your efforts in one direction, your goal. Always remember one thing, contrary to the hype, it takes time to build a solid profitable business. If you're after a fast buck forget it!

Next we move onto promoting your newly acquired business opportunity which you are focusing your efforts towards...




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