Before starting, a quick glossary of network marketing terms for beginners and the more experienced alike:

Network Marketing and MLM (Multi Level Marketing)
MLM is similar to network marketing in that anyone you sponsor/sign-up to an opportunity becomes your 1st level member. Anyone your 1st level member sponsors becomes your 2nd level member, anyone your 2nd level member sponsors becomes your 3rd level member. And so on...
The difference between the two is that with MLM you only earn from enrolling new distributors/affiliates, with Network Marketing you can earn an income just from selling the products and earn from a combination of your sales and your downline's.

This is the network family tree of your sponsored members and their sponsored members and their sponsored members etc etc.

This is the family tree going backwards showing the person who sponsored you, then the person who sponsored them and so on...

Commission Plan or Pay Plan
The important factor with network marketing is the structure of commissions earnt at each level of your downline. eg 10% of 1st level sales, 40% 2nd level sales and 10% 3rd level sales. This will then be followed by various bonuses based on total sales volumes etc, eg 2% of total business sales divided amongst qualifying members.

Bonus Value. A reference figure relating to the amount of sales made. Commissions are paid based on BV. Think of BV as business volume where 1 BV point usually equates to just over $1 of sales. Sometimes called PV or LP.

An insurance policy. Commissions are usually only paid if you meet minimum BV requirements. So, if you don't sell enough product (or any at all) autoship automatically orders the minimum requirement for yourself. The reason for minimum order requirements is for both business and legal reasons - if you are not an active representative, you are not entitled to commissions (stops people just promoting the opportunity and never selling/using any product!)
WARNING - This should only be used as an insurance policy. If you aren't meeting your minimum sales regularly then it is unlikely that your downline will be able to either - not a sustainable business model.

These are some of the many terms you will come across when reviewing any business opportunity. Now, back to finding the right path for you.

An Internetwork Marketing path is in fact the method used by a business opportunity, or its structure. Depending on your current circumstances, skills, time constraints etc you will choose the path most suited to your situation. Here are summaries of the main methods/paths you will encounter:

1) Network Marketing or Direct Selling
This is the deep end of the business opportunity pool. You must often invest a lot more time and money into these opportunities, receive training and work as a team. Can be a lot harder to get sign-ups and even harder to teach your sign-ups to get sign-ups. You will find commission plans paying most on 2nd and 3rd level sales for obvious reasons, it promotes growth. Potential earnings are also far greater than any other method and is also the only method that has true 'residual income'.
However - it is not always as hard as it first seems with the right support systems and training in place (more on this later!)

2) MLM Cyclers
Usually your first steps into MLM. These are the ones to be very careful with. Consider these as Network Marketing for beginners. You pay one initial sign-up fee which should actually buy you something (if it doesn't it may well be a scam). When you have signed-up a fixed number of new people you get a payout, some more product and re-entry into the system (hence a cycle). These are the cheapest way to get involved in an MLM Business Opportunity. The only flaw with these systems is that because nobody is buying a regular BV, commissions are only generated from new sign-ups. And you will need more sign-ups every time you cycle. And don't expect most cycler programs to still be around in 5 years time! These are not recommended.

3) Associate & Affiliate Programs
The most basic of business opportunity methods. A simple system of selling other companies products by directing them to your associate website. Straight commission per sale, sometimes 2 tier (2 level - earn from signing up other associates). If you have a popular website this is the easiest way to generate short term income by selecting a related product of interest to your current website traffic. i.e. don't promote beachwear on an Eskimo website.
More recently these have become the most profitable and sustainable opportunities as the market becomes saturated in MLM. If they have a multi tier commission structure they can be considered sales focussed network marketing.

Don't panic!

It may all seem a little too much to just jump in and setup your own business, but you have The Internetwork Marketing System™ to help. Most of the hard work and skills needed can be reproduced and automated via computer, using what we call a front-end system.

Front End Systems
A front end system provides all the information on the opportunity, answers your prospects questions, helps sign them up and makes sales of your products and duplicates to give them the same tools. Better front ends will also have member areas with training guides and numerous tips. Some may also contain chat rooms, forums and downline viewers, totally free of charge! A lot of existing front ends get prospects to join to gain access to the Member Area before actually joining the core opportunity.

You will find that the best opportunities combine numbers 1 and 3 above using a front end system that handles everything for you, from sales to recruiting.

So whatever path you decide is right for you, the secret of the whole system is to join a front end system based on that path to handle your prospects, optimise commissions and introduce the opportunity. Or, more importantly, a system that provides you and your future sign-ups a simple marketing plan, trains you on how to use it and therefore trains your sign-ups to do the same.

The secret to success in network marketing is a simple duplicable system that anyone can follow, not just experienced networkers. Both online, offline and a combination of the two, for both part-time and full-time participants. PLUS a product you truly believe in AND a product that is easy to sell.

No sensible networker will ever advise you to rely 100% on the systems, and with very good reason. The systems assist you in every aspect of your business, but the power of network marketing only begins to multiply when you keep your downline growing too. This can only be done by building relationships with your team, no computer can do that!

Selecting Your Core Opportunity

Picking your core opportunity can be a very personal thing. You may have had previous experience in a particular industry for example, but eventually it will come down to one key decision - what you are selling/promoting.

The tip here is to realise that every opportunity has three facets.

1) Retailing. This is just focusing on selling a product to a customer to earn a commission.

2) Customer Lead Marketing Plan. Although it is business builders that will make you the most money, every opportunity will have a marketing plan to follow up with your customers to convert them into business builders. This is a very powerful marketing plan since customers make the best distributors of products, having a personal story to tell.

3) Business Lead Marketing Plan. This is the same for every opportunity although not many people realise it! By learning basic network marketing techniques and perfecting them, they are then easy to share with your downline. This is the key to a successful network marketing business. You are in the people business, your core opportunity is just the vehicle.

Please note, just relying on number 3 below will not build you a sustainable business.

Onto the next chapter: Front End, Back End or Dead End - The Scambuster...




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