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The most important factor when selecting a suitable opportunity must be the product or service itself. It is your business, so if you haven't got a product you truly believe in then you are working at a disadvantage from day one. Please select your preferred product or service from the industry list below to review that product and opportunity...

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This is the ultimate in flexible opportunity. It provides you with all the tools you need to identify a niche that you are interested in and create a complete online presence and opportunity tailored around you. This is completely unique in the market place and enables you to be top of the entire tree.
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A broad product set here, but the key is a range of free online tools that compare phone rates from numerous providers. This is a mass market product as you are promoting something that is free and can save people money on something they are already paying for. Do you or anyone you know want to save money on their phone bills?
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This is the industry we have the most reference and experience in. However, we no longer recommend opportunities in this area due to a couple of key factors. The potential market is big, for example in weight loss products, but so is the competition as the market has become saturated both in products and also in networkers and opportunities. If your agents can't make a profit just from selling products then your whole downline is at risk from folding like a house of cards - you lose the base and the whole lot comes down!

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